Reiki & Health Services

Reiki & Alternative Health sessions have been helping Pets for many years. Our sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your Pets as an individual.

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Missing Pet Location

There is no bigger panic then a pet gone missing ! Here at NWAH we absolutely understand exactly how you feel. We have a variety of ways to help you locate them.

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Behavior Problems ?

Trust us, we have all encountered behavior issues of one kind or another. From rescue animals to sudden changes in a loved one, we work closely with each of you.

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Happy, Healthy Pets ...

 As a multiple pet owner myself, the same care and loving service is offered to your Pets that my own receive.

13 Greyhounds & 9 cats plus foster animals (not all at the same time!) my own lovelies have been my platform for learning to listen to them, for healing miracles when no vets were open, behavior issues galore and my own missing ones ... and of course the absolute heartbreak when one leaves us.

Over 15 years and thousands of cases later, there is always more to learn with regards to animal health/wellbeing as well as their relationships with us their guardians. For that reason learning new methods, researching the latest products as wells as  taking classes from others is always ongoing at Northwest Animal Healing.


Whats New...

Well... Finally, many of my favorite case files will be on our Blog ... As well stay tuned for some new offerings and classes. However bare with us as we traverse a new website format and be sure to sign up for our newsletter. ~ Kristine