Our Background

Northwest Animal Healing is located in the beautiful northern Panhandle of Idaho. Owned and operated by Kristine Kamp-Adante, who has both worked with animals in person as a trainer, animal intuitive and animal rescue since 2000.

Kristine is a Reiki Master Teacher with many other Healing Modality Certificates as well as an Animal Intuitive who facilitates many different levels of healing for all animals/pets offering general intuitive readings, intensive healing services, behavior issues, grief counseling and specializing in missing pet communication and recovery nation and world wide.

Back Story

Kristine shares her life with three Greyhounds and five naughty cats. I consider all of my current and now in Spirit pets to have been my best teachers and guides. I have also been honored to have been taught by two of the best Teachers in the Animal Healing/Communication field, Judi J. Byers of Animal Echoes and Trish Scott, from Kanab, UT. I hope always to adhere to the high standards that both women instilled in me. And I thank them for their mentoring skills and faith in my abilities.

All animals are unique, just as all people are. My style of either healing methods or intiutive communiations are tailored to meet the needs of each animal as an individual. My goal is to serve as a Bridge between owner & pet. I hope that you will look through the list of services, contact me with any questions you may have, and I look forward to developing a relationship with your pets as well as you, their care givers.

October 6th, 2008, Judi Byers passed into spirit. Judi's Family & daughter Cynthia have maintained Judi's website, as a directory for Animal/Pet Services and have preserved much of Judi's life work, including articles & past newsletters. Judi's "Learning To Listen" E-Book & Audio's are also available for purchase. Please visit: Animal Echoes

Meet the Team

Customer Service as well as our fast response time is our primary goal! As a pet owner of many I realize things do not always happen during regular office hours. For that reason we are available 7 days a week. Should I miss a call, my very aware support team alerts me immediately. Please keep in mind we are Pacific Standard Time we may be an hour to three hours behind your time zone.


Kristine Kamp-Adante

Founder & CEO

Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communication, facilitator & teacher, Animal Behavior Specialist, BodyTalk & Emotion Code Practitioner. Kristine also has specialized in locating missing Pets for over 15 years.


Lacey Kamp-Adante


Lacey (and her sister Amiga) keep the ship running with their superior secretarial skills. Lacey nudges the phone towards me while Amiga barks at me, letting me know a call, text or email has come in. They rock ...


Ari Kamp-Adante

PR Manager

Ari's PR skills are par exceptional ! From ad writing to email marketing, he belongs to every social media and animal lovers group on the planet. Sweet, funny, social, loves his human, his dogs & the other kitties 🙂

How can we Help ? ...

Have questions regarding any of our services that are not addressed on our FAQ page ? We are always happy to answer emailed questions or have a brief phone consult with you. The Team is standing by ...