What’s your return policy?

Because we offer a service, geared towards consultations as well as sessions for your pets, these are not physical products so we cannot offer you a refund. There is always a great deal of time involved sometimes via phone or email before we ever begin our real work. However there can be a unique situation where a refund would be the right thing for us to do, and we certainly would in those instances. 

Do you offer services to Canada & Internationally ?

Yes we absolutely do ! For services that require a phone consult, we will work with you to make this happen for all time zones involved.

Do you have Customer Service ?

Of course! Customer service being myself, I always answer emails and phone messages ASAP. Due to the nature of my work and the privacy I need for each of you, I no longer answer text messages as they may cut off a phone session I am in the middle of.

What if I miss my appointment time or am running late?

Please remember that we both have schedules to keep, as soon as you know you may need to cancel I will make arrangements for a different time for you, a phone message or text, email in this instance is the appropriate action. If you are running late, a quick text will suffice. I always give everyone some lag time. 

I’m new to having a reading done for my pet(s) how does this work ?

During our initial contact I will ask you to send me photos of the pets you wish readings for as well as specific questions you may have for me to ask them. I ask that you use your time well with me to ask questions of your pet that will help you understand them better, or elaborate on how they feel about a health condition or even in the event they may be leaving you soon, how they feel about that. Keep it personal to their lives with you. And in the event they choose to not answer at our appointed time, I will rephrase the question later on for them and get back with you. There are times when this is new for all of you and your pet may suddenly be shy. In the event this happens I will always redo their session and email you the answers. Please note, if I feel there are trick questions involved in our session, the session ends immediately. That would be a sad waste of time for all of us. 

What if my pet conveys something that doesn’t make any sense at all ?

There are times when this does happen, if they are sure this is something they wish for you to know often what they have conveyed makes sense later on. I once had a missing dog tell me he was just on the other side of the field from home, even map dowsing lead me to the other side of the field. Searching there turned up nothing, as the owners expected he was loose and had run that way. After releasing his spirit it was discovered he had been buried there, very sadly. This of course is not his entire story. 

Can you guarantee my missing pet will be found ?

No, sadly, none of us can. As mentioned on my page for missing pets my return rate is 89% vs 100% for missing children. I myself am not sure why the variable. Each case is different, depending on if they are stolen, or for some reason do not want to be found right away. Missing cats fall into that category, many are just having fun or have met up with other cats they don’t wish to leave behind. Missing pets are always in survival mode if out on their own, it may take something specific to snap them back into reality such as hearing you call out something they associate as an enjoyable thing when at home. I have been known to call out “kitty treats” instead of my cats names as they respond faster to that. That would also be the same for dogs if they are on the run. I try to fully explain all the different things that could be going on with them the entire time we are working together. I also use many energy techniques – oftentimes changing the energy around their situation is what brings them in, even if my information or map dowsing is wrong !