Northwest Animal Healing has been serving Pets and their Guardians now for 17 years worldwide. What began as learning Reiki Healing for Humans quickly branched out into working with pets when one of my foster greyhounds, Molly, began to cry and send me pictures of the abuse she had suffered in her previous situation while I was in the middle of giving a person a Reiki session. One thing led to another as I began to explore the world of Animal Communication. A whole different world opened up to me as I met and was mentored by two of the best in the industry. As the saying goes, nothing happens by accident. 

I offer services for general pet readings, health & behavior problems as well as missing pet location. I am happy to say that my return rate for missing pets is 89%.

As a multiple pet owner myself, I understand that our fur kids are cherished members of our families and strive to treat your pets as if they were also a part of my family. Compassionate, caring and kind are the three words I hear the most with regards to my services and the many emails I have received over the years.

I invite you to contact me with whatever your pet needs are and to also enjoy my blog articles, health tips, favorite pet cases, as well as my many adventures with my own fur loves. 

I also hope you will enjoy chapters of Charles P. Kitty, 23 to Infinity, the title of my book (published ?? someday) featuring my beloved Maincoon, Charlie who was with me for 23 years. Along with Charlie sharing his stories of life with his humans and pets, I will be giving some teaching lessons for those of you interested in learning how to effectively communicate with animals. 

Blessings to you and your loved ones,

Kristine Kamp-Adante

My very naughty Miss Hannah Lee, age 2 (sigh!) is my featured banner poster child, lol

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