There is nothing more tragic than your beloved pet gone missing.

There is nothing more tragic and stressful than when one of our beloved furkids goes missing. The frequency of stolen pets has been on the rise for years, the recovery of them is often impossible, depending on where they have been transported to. With so many animals who we feel are safe in their own neighborhoods being viewed as “homeless” by many people, who don’t give a thought to that animal may be someone’s missing one, the task of finding them can be even more difficult.

While recovery may sound bleak and impossible, over the previous years of working missing pets with Animal Communicator Judi J. Byers, before Judi passed into Spirit, I am now in my 16th year helping pet owners with their missing loved ones. I are very happy to report that many, many pets have been successfully returned home to their families, the return rate remains at 89%.

A missing pet on the move has the greatest chance of being returned home. They will willingly tell us they are lost, describe their surroundings as well as follow directions to either help them return home on their own, or be found by their loved ones. For stolen animals or those who someone has taken in, your best chance of recovery is to quickly get those flyers up, and notify as many agencies and vets as possible. It only takes one phone call to actualize the safe return of your pet.

Phone Consultation, Communication & Map Dowsing for 72 Hours, $299
Email Reading & Map Dowsing only for your missing pet, $175
Rechecking Open Cases with us up to two weeks after your initial reading & map dowsing, $75
Quick Check to determine if your pet is still alive, $50

Only PayPal or SquareUp credit/debit card payments are accepted for missing pets. Both websites are secure however PayPal may require you to sign up first. If you are already a member or wish to become one then please choose the first payment option and follow the instructions.
**Secure payments may also be made by phone.
To ensure prompt attention for your missing pet, please include photos, your full name and address, your pet’s name (including nicknames), age, circumstances, and any recent sighting locations. Questions ? Please mail me first if you need to, I normally respond right away!
(208) 290-8397 Pacific Standard Time

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