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What is Reiki and how can it help your Pets ?

Reiki loosely translates as “Universal Life Force Energy.” It is a somewhat westernized version of hands-on-healing brought to the United States from Japan but thought by many to have ancient Tibetan Buddhist origins. It is a very safe, non-invasive and natural healing method that utilizes light touch on the fully clothed body (for humans) or at certain positions located above the body (for animals). Or Reiki may be carried out via what is called “Distance Reiki” which is the most optimal method for animals. A practitioner may use a photo of your loved one or even a surrogate such as a stuffed animal to cover all of the hand positions that are generally used for in person sessions. While that may sound weird, it is a very effective means of transmitting energy from the practitioner to the intended recipient along with our intentions for their healing session.

Reiki is a very effective means of stress reduction that increases the ability to focus the balancing of one’s energy. Reiki is now used by several million people in many healing centers, private offices, hospitals and countries around the world as well as holistic vets and animal shelters.

Reiki supports and enhances the body’s own natural healing processes by working to bring balance of body/mind/spirit, thus increasing the opportunity for wellness. You may have heard of the word “chi” that is used in acupuncture and the Chinese Martial Arts. The “ki” of Reiki is the Japanese equivalent of “chi”. Blockages or imbalances in “ki” can have a negative effect in many ways. There are many ways in which energy blocks and imbalance can cause illness or prevent a person/animal from living a balanced life. Stress alone can cause imbalance and left un-resolved can lead to physical symptoms and/or emotional discomfort. Reiki works to decrease or eliminate such imbalances and blockages. It releases stress from the body, mind and spirit, thus promoting relaxation and harmony of our systems. Reiki works with the underlying causes, not just the symptoms. Many illnesses manifest first in what is referred to as the subtle bodies which are the energy bodies that surround a person’s physical being. Those subtle bodies make up what is commonly called the aura, something that people were once quite skeptical about, but which has now been scientifically demonstrated numerous times. If you have heard of the concept of personal space, it really involves these subtle energy bodies. A person or animal’s physical body is the last to respond to thoughts or emotions. Reiki not only works with the physical body, it also works with the subtle energy bodies in order to promote healing and to prevent dis-ease.

Many years later as my Reiki journey went from casual to Reiki Master Teacher I began to add other holistic energy based systems that I found helped animals the most and rolled them into my own signature healing system for pets. A typical session will begin with an energy alignment, as any energies that are not solely those of the animal I am working with need to be released before healing at any level can begin. I may also decide to include the Body Talk method, a complete walk-thru every system/cell in the body including present life circumstances or previous life circumstances, allergies, immune system disorders even behavior issues. My aim is to gently eliminate at the root cause level in a manner that will never cause any discomfort to animals. Because animals have no filters their healing time is often quicker then that of humans!

Will Reiki cure everything ?? I’ve had more than my share of healing miracles for animals but the honest answer is no just as your personal vets cannot offer you that promise. There can be many reasons that one hangs onto an illness, chronic condition or behavior issue and one of those reasons may have more to do with us, their caregivers than your pets. We all have lessons we are constantly learning either by our own studies or those we live with teaching us. What I will say is that my own lovelies have never experienced the more serious health challenges that so many pets experience. We do not have numerous trips to the vets office, no chronic conditions that are not resolved quickly or behavior issues. This does not mean no one is ever ill or acting out or that when their natural end is near something doesn’t develop. They live in an energy based environment with me, their energy is aligned just about every day. As well those who need a personal session have it. And they all love Reiki ! As do my clients, human or animal.

So, does one need to have a zillion sessions in order to see progress. No, but depending on circumstances it can be necessary to have more than one session. For that reason I almost always keep those I work with on my daily healing list for at least 10 days, even for missing pets, at no extra charge. Doing so gives me a chance to not just get to know your pet better but also change my intentions for their healing experience daily according to their own unique conditions.

Reiki is also of course great for animals who are perfectly healthy, along with your great care and regular visits with your vets, Reiki is a welcome preventive addition to your pets lives. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter as I often like to offer free group sessions. This is a great way to introduce you and your pets to Reiki and my signature energy sessions. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

If you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself and your pets, I will be giving classes in 2019 either as group classes or if your prefer, I love teaching one on one. Contact me directly if you want to start your Reiki journey right away, otherwise I will post & email the newsletter when group classes will begin.