Reiki and other Holistic Healing modalities have been used actually since time began. Most are familiar with the term "hands on healing" from different cultural practices. Over time various practices began to be taught from Masters to Students and the systems more refined as to intention for healing specific issues or for whole body, soul, mind and spiritual balancing. Reiki specifically was introduced into the Western culture via Master Usui and Master Takada from Japan. 

Classes taught range from Levels I to Master Teacher, each class taught individually and over time. My own Master Teacher Level is a direct linage of Master Usui with that attunement Level taking place on Mount Kurama, Japan. 

Reiki is a flexible healing system in that while we use specific techniques to begin and end a session, it offers us the ability to enhance each session by the use of crystals or in cases where the person or animal is not present in the same location with us we have the ability to offer Distant Reiki Healing. Sounds crazy right ? However remember we have been taught a "formula" as well as been taught by our Master Teacher and received 1-4 class levels. Part of that unique formula is how to transcend all limitations that may stand in the way of the recipient receiving an energy session from us. 

Think of a person or animal you have heard of that was maybe in a serious accident or sustained an injury that others are asking Prayers for. We all see this a lot on Social Media websites and many, many people do indeed offer their own prayers. Our desire for the recipient to receive the healing they need is so strong that all prayers offered become one and later we hear that a Miracle happened ! We are all from other areas and countries and yet our collective consciousness transcended physical boundaries for the purpose of generating a desired outcome. This is energy healing on a very high spiritual level that changed a physical condition. Reiki and all Healing modalities offer these same kind of energetic frequency's to elicit a change in a physical condition. Miracles happen and I love working with my own personal God Team to co-create miracles for every living being. 

What About an Animal with a Behavior Problem ?

Many of today's pets have some kind of issue either from previous traumatic experiences with a different Guardian or for some reason they develop during our time with them. Over the years I have developed my own set of "Tools" that are a combination of Reiki plus other energy modality techniques. I always begin with removing previous energies that are essentially stuck almost like a repeat switch in the overall psyche of the animal I am working with. These patterns and behaviors are an energy, specific types of energies that serve no purpose (other than destructive)  remaining stored in the cellular memories of our beloved pets. It may take a series of muscle testing rounds and techniques to remove those unwanted energies, but you will notice changes and improvements in your pet's behavior. I will always advise you if I feel they have other needs as well, such as some kind of physical training. In many cases they may also benefit by the use of some kind of natural products. As an Intuitive I do normally see what the root cause or event was that precipitated unwanted behaviors. 

What are the Worst Challenges You have treated ?

Allergies !! Hands Down. While not impossible to help with, everyone including ones personal veterinarian need to be on the same page with cause & treatment options. To be honest, most have no clue what I do or why I might know something they do not know, but I have the utmost respect for their profession. Most of the time before I can begin to help in any way I want to be able to look at their diagnosis first. Then I will proceed to muscle test, foods, grasses, chemical exposures, supplements including medications. Our environment has created very sensitive animals that require looking at all possibilities. While I am tracking down what I can and removing it energetically, I may include supplements that will not interfere with any medications your pet may already be on. The ultimate goal will be to reduce or eventually eliminate all supplements and medications. 

Anxiety is one of the next most challenging to work with. Anxiety is an energy problem, again I am tracking down causes by muscle testing and the cause can be from multiple sources. Today's world of Rescue Animals has sparked a new level of anxieties that our pets live with. Living with anxieties will also eventually extend into other physical ailments (including allergies!) which will in turn become more and more costly to treat. With both of these specific issues how successful our work together is depends largely on all of us working together. Just as we want our cell phones to work perfectly the moment we turn it on we tend to want any kind of treatment to work the same way, the first time and the only time. Those who have worked closely with me have have seen their animals improve over time in a lasting way. I will share some of my own experiences with my own pets who have had their own behavior and health challenges on my blog articles. 

Will I have to sign my House over to you ? 🙂

Of course! Noooo, of course not. Most of the pets I work with are healthy and we may have both a communication session (great for those who are from rescue backgrounds.) and just a regular balancing session during which I remove and align their energies for their highest and best good as well as give you a picture of say their background previous to them living with you. I will give you as much information as possible in just one session.

For more serious issues I may recommend a series of sessions, usually not more than three spread apart. I usually have recommendations maybe supplement wise for their situation and I always offer extended time mini energy healing's that you are not charged for. I keep a healing list I work with nightly that is free. For those that need more time with me, I am also generous with discounts.