The Butterfly that Could

As a young girl of 7, who loved to wander outside and look at everything, day dreaming away. I came across a Monarch Butterfly who appeared to have a hurt wing and couldn’t fly. I decided I must help her ! (I have no idea if she was a she, lol) Putting her on my shoulder I took her home and announced I was going to heal her back to full health.

My parents didn’t tell me I “couldn’t” although I heard them discuss how heartbroken I would be if the Butterfly didn’t live. My Mom helped me gather up what we thought a Butterfly would eat and we made a grassy nest next to my pillow on my bed, and she stayed right there at night while I slept.

During the day I would take her outside for fresh air and to see if she could fly yet..a week went by, my parents were seen shaking their heads. Then a few more days went by and while outside she suddenly flew off my shoulder…she flew up and away, and then I cried, happy that she could fly again, sad that she was gone. However as I turned for one last look in the last direction she flew in, I felt a brush across my cheek. Ms. Butterfly had come around the other side of me, to give me what my Mother always called “Butterfly Kisses.” My tears turned into a grateful smile. My love for all of God’s miracles of being has never left me. 

Most of us love seeing butterflies, they signify changes in season as well as transformation within ourselves. As Animal Spirit Guides or Totems the Butterfly whispers in your ear to release any areas of your life that are making you feel chained. A different perspective perhaps is needed as well as being open to the magic of nature and welcoming magical changes and direction in your daily lives. They are also letting you know that Lady Luck is always possible for those who are open to gifts from unexpected sources. When one seems to show a particular interest in you, pay attention ! Perhaps something you have been working towards or wishing for is about to be actualized. Only you know what changes you would like in your life. When Butterflies show up, know that you are being supported and guided by the Universe in a positive direction via one of the most symbolic messengers one could have.

Image by, Zaw Win Tun

Last spring/early summer while at my favorite greenhouse for yet just a few more pretty flowers to add to my yard, an amazing huge Black Monarch butterfly flew into the outdoor area. Of course the first thing that came out was my cell phone camera 😉 and the chase for the perfect photo was on. And so was that feeling of Magic in the air ! While I didn’t end up with any great photos, I remembered why I was there, to find more flowers to plant and why not pay attention to the ones this beauty was attracted to. And so I ended up going home with a very large planter, so large I could hardly get it into and out of the car without a handtruck. It contained a variety of plants, medium large deep red Dalias (my faves) smaller petunias in a variety of colors and some large blue Coneflowers (Echinacea) as well as bright Blue & White trailing Lobelia. I was hoping the large Butterfly beauty would follow me home but his job was done and off he flew. I did however end up with more Butterflies in my yard then ever before, enjoying a fun summer of their magical messages.

Other flowers that attract Butterflies are, The Butterfly Bush, Phlox, Latana, that make a lovely colorful low hedge or accent bush, Blue Star bush, perfect for spring star shaped blooms, Pot Merigolds and Black Eyed Susan. Blazing Star Flowers are an unusual spikey 1-3 foot flower with a light purple color, perfect for those of us who love tall flowers and have larger areas to make different garden spots that bloom from late summer into fall. Milk weed is well considered a weed, but has tiny pretty flowers that are also light blue and purple in color. In my yard those come up every year around my deck and bloom all summer. Last but not lease are giant Primroses, Warning, a few seeds go a LONG way! These amazing flowers literally begin to form a breeding ground for Butterflies and you will have Caterpillars, a lot of them, who will turn into Monarch Butterflies. Small yard, large yard, just a porch or balcony a simple google search will turn up any number of flowers that will fit your space and attract these lovely creatures and when they do sit quietly, ask what message they have for you. You may hear a message right away or later in the day, it will come without any prompting from your logical thinking brain, as long as you welcome the message.

Kristi Sarah

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